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Frisby - Puppy Days Anne Cowell

Frisby - Puppy Days

Anne Cowell

Kindle Edition
32 pages
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 About the Book 

A special Border Collie puppy is born. The first in a series depicting a tender love story in which the child reader becomes the owner of a beautiful young Border Collie puppy. The easy rhyming narrative and vibrant illustrations depict the unfolding bond of trust and affection as seen through the eyes of the puppy, whilst at the same time capturing the childs sense of achievement and growing responsibility as child and puppy together embark upon a journey that will ultimately span many years of discovery and adventure. Subsequent books describe the puppy troubles and the learning process, with the ever increasing special relationship between dog and child. The series illustrates how much enjoyment, love, friendship and devotion dogs give us. Based on the real relationship between the author and her Border Collies (Frisby and others), this is a heartfelt read for children (and adults!).